Distances for Walking and Driving

From "The Illustration Of The Catskill Mountains" (1881)
By H. Schile


LAUREL House derived its name from the laurels which abound in the neighborhood, and it is conveniently located to visit all the most prominent places in this region.

It is about 15 miles from Catskill Village. The Kaaterskill Falls, and the forest around it, are the property of J. L. Schutt, proprietor of the Laurel House, who well understands and appreciates the value of a good forest. A nice road for about two miles leads from here to Catskill Mountain House, passing North and South Lakes. Keeping to the right, and over the South Mountain about 1 1/2 miles, we reach Hotel Kaaterskill. Half way on the same road we arrive at Sunset Rock; then in an opposite direction from Laurel House, it is about 1 miles. Passing Prospect Rock to Haines Falls, an old wooden road through the forest leads us to PlaaterkilI Clove, Plaaterkill Falls, and Plaaterkill Mountain: the distance is about 6 miles. This is one of the wildest romantic places of the whole region. From here is also the easiest way to reach the Overlook Mountain.

The whole valley is a regular wilderness from one end to the other. The Clove and valley lie in the direction of Saugerties, and runs out near Tannersville. The whole range of mountains that meet in Plaaterkill Valley, assume a different form entirely from the others. Some are formed like the Pyramids in Egypt.

The author begs to be excused. The time being too short, it is now impossible to illustrate this region, but will, in the next edition, picture all these wild, romantic places here described.

From Tannersville to Hunter is about 4 miles. From Hunter House it is only four miles to the beautiful Stony Clove; 11 miles to Hotel Kaaterskill; 9 miles to Plaaterkill Clove; 9 miles to Kaaterskill Falls; 7 miles to Haines Falls; 8 miles to. Overlook Mountain House; 9 miles to Jewett Heights; 10 miles to Lexington; 14 miles to Westkill, and from Deo Brothers, Westkill, through the Clove, 7 miles to Shandaken, Ulster County. The roads are excellent in all directions.

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