Scientific American—April 26, 1884

The accompanying engraving represents one of the most picturesquely located bridges on the New York, West Shore, and Buffalo Railway; it spans Catskill Creek, a small stream flowing from the mountains and emptying into the Hudson River.

The bridge consists of eight double deck spans, six of which measure 167 feet each from center to center of end piers, are 26 feet deep, center to center of chords, 20 feet wide, center to center of trusses, 13 feet, center to center of tracks; the two end panels are 16 feet 10 inches, and the eight intermediate panels are each 16 feet 8 inches. There is one span of 103 feet 6 inches between centers of end piers, and 20 feet 11 inches deep; each of the six panels measures 17 feet 3 inches. The remaining span is 97 feet 6 inches long and 20 feet 11 inches deep; the end panels are 17 feet 3 inches; and the four intermediate ones each 15 feet 9 inches. The actual weight of the six 167-foot spans is 2,340,000 pounds, or 390,000 pounds per span; the next span weighs 180,000 pounds, and the third 173,500 pounds; the total weight of the eight spans being 2,693,500 pounds.

The bridge is proportioned to carry (1) the weight of iron in the structure; (2) a floor weighing 400 pounds per lineal foot of track, consisting of rails, ties, and guards only; and (3) a moving load for each track, consisting of two "consolidation" engines coupled, each weighing 80 tons, followed by a train weighing 2,240 pounds per running foot. The maximum strains due to all positions of this live load, and of the dead load, are taken to proportion all the parts of the structure.

To provide for wind strains and vibrations the top lateral bracing is proportioned to resist a lateral force of 450 pounds per foot of span; 300 pounds of this being treated as a moving load. The bottom lateral bracing is proportioned to resist a lateral force of 150 pounds per foot. Variations in temperature to the extent of 150 degrees are provided for.

The bridge was built by Clarke, Reeves & Co., Phoenixville (Pa.) Bridge Works.

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