1935 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
NO. 3 4-4-2
Two new high-speed streamlined locomotives were delivered to the Milwaukee Road in May, 1935.
They were designed to pull the new Hiawatha on daylight runs between Chicago and the Twin Cities at an average running speed of 66 miles an hour, in six and a half hours. One of the new engines before being placed in regular service made the 141 miles from Milwaukee to New Lisbon in 113 minutes. On the return trip with a train consisting of a dynamometer car and five coaches, it was stopped from a speed of 100 miles an hour in 6,600 feet. The first engines which were followed by two more were finished in the Milwaukee's yellow, orange, maroon, and brown; with all piping and fittings concealed under the shrouding, they presented a very smooth appearance with their clean lines.

Builder-American Locomotive Co.
Fuel-original 4,000 gal. oil (increased to 5,544 gal.)
Cylinders-19" X 28"
Weight, original-527,500 lb. (increased to 563,443 lb.)
Steam Pressure-300 lb.
Water-13,000 gal.
Dia. Drivers-84"
Tractive Effort-30,700 lb.
R.R. Class—A

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