1938 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
NO. 1804 4-8-4
THIS NORTHERN type was one of five especially designed to handle passenger traffic over the Continental Divide. The ruling grade eastbound from Minturn to Tennessee Pass at the top of the divide is 3.0 per cent and westbound from Pueblo to the pass it is 1.42 per cent. Over this Royal Gorge Route, a distance of 745 miles, these 4-8-4's handled the Western Pacific's crack passenger trains such as the Scenic Limited, operating at speeds up to 80 miles an hour in the Salt Lake district.

Builder-Baldwin Locomotive Works
Cylinders-26" x 30"
Weight, total-477,360 lb.
Steam Pressure-285 lb.
Fuel-26 tons
Water-20,000 gal.
Dia. Drivers-73"
Tractive Effort-67,200 lb.
R.R. Class-M68

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