1891. 0–10–0 TANK
WHEN this engine was delivered by the Baldwin Works to the St. Clair Tunnel Company in 1891, it was the heaviest locomotive in the world. It was designed to haul heavy freight trains through the new tunnel under the St. Clair River between Sarnia, Ontario, and Port Huron, Michigan. This bore was 6,000 feet long with approach grades of 1,950 and 2,500 feet respectively, or an average of 105 feet to the mile. The engine was well designed, all of its weight being available for traction. All wheels with the exception of the center pair were flanged and had brakes. Hard coal was used as fuel.

Cylinders 22 by 28 inches Weight 195,000 pounds Drivers 50 inches in diameter Total wheelbase 18 feet 5 inches Tank capacity 1,800 gallons, 3 tons fuel Tractive force 58,000 pounds

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