1880. 4-2-2 TYPE
ANOTHER Philadelphia & Reading engine with Wootten's boiler and firebox was this 4-2-2 type built the same year as the 4-4-0. It was also designed for high-speed passenger traffic and intended for use on the two-hour trains over the Bound Brook Line between New York and Philadelphia.

With this wheel arrangement, coupling rods were dispensed with, and to eliminate an excessive load on the drivers a system of equalizing levers was provided. Movable fulcrums controlled by a steam cylinder permitted a greater weight to be applied to the drivers when starting, and when running the excess weight could be transferred to the trailing wheels. This allowed the total weight distribution to be equalized.

This engine was later resold to the Eames Vacuum Brake Company of Boston and it was sent to England to demonstrate this brake system.

Cylinders 18 by 24 inches Total weight 85,000 pounds Drivers 78 inches in diameter Total wheelbase 21 feet 1 inch Weight on drivers 35,000 to 45,000 pounds Truck wheel 36 inches in diameter Trailer wheels 45 inches in diameter

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