FIRST practical application of the steam engine by Thomas Savery, England, 1702.

The steam engine as the basis of the modern locomotive invented by James Watts, Scotland, 1782.

Steam locomotive on a rail, Richard Trevithick, England, 1804.

First successful travelling locomotive, George Stephenson, England, 1814.

First complete railway system, eight miles long, opened in England, by George Stephenson, 1822.

The first railroad in the United States was built near Quincy, Mass., in 1826.

The tubular locomotive boiler was invented by Séquin, France, in 1828.

Locomotive "Old Ironsides" was built by N. W. Baldwin, United States.

Peter Cooper built, after his own designs, the first locomotive constructed on this continent, 1830.

Link motion for locomotives was invented by Sir Henry James, England, 1832.

The steam whistle was adopted by George Stephenson of England, in 1833.

Oldest locomotive in the world in daily service, built in 1822 at Hatton-Le-Hole, Durham County, England.

Railway air-brakes invented by George Westinghouse, United States, 1868.

There are at the present time three hundred and twenty-four thousand and thirty-three and thirty-eight one hundredths (324,033.38) miles of railroad in the United States.

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