1946 New York Central Railroad
NO. 6001 4-8-4
THE TWENTY-FIVE Niagaras of this type were almost the last steam locomotives to be purchased by the New York Central. Built in 1945 and 1946, the S1's were designed as dual-purpose engines but they have been used almost exclusively in passenger service. These Niagaras have set an unprecedented record in flexibility and economy of operation and have made the highest records for mileage and availability of any steam locomotives in the world.

Builder-American Locomotive Co.
Fuel-46 tons
Cylinders-25½" x 32"
Weight, engine-471,000 lb.
Steam Pressure-290 lb.
Water-18,000 gal.
Dia. Drivers-79"
Tractive Effort-61,570 lb.
R.R. Class-S1

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