The Man and the Machine—
President Roosevelt and the monster steam
shovel figure largely in the story of Panama

A Trip on the Panama Railroad—Story from 1855
Interoceanic Ship Railway—Canal Alternative-1884
American Dredges on Panama Canal—1885
Inventions at Panama—1887
Panama Railroad—1915



The Power of the Jungle
Beginning the New Docks, Cristobal
The Colonel's Daily Stroll
Attacking the Cucaracha Slide
A Rock Slide Near Empire
A Steam Shovel in Operation
Tracks Ascending from Lower to Upper Lock
Electric Towing Locomotives on a Lock
Towing Locomotive in Operation
United Fruit Company Train
Negro Quarters at Cristobal
Colonel Goethal's Motor Car
Sightseeing Train—"Rubber Neck"
Pick and Shovel Brigade
Loaded Work Train—Canal at Paraiso
Handling Equipment
Towing Locomotive Climbing to Upper Lock
Biting Through a Slide
Yards at Paraiso
Engine House and Yard at Las Cascadas
Track Shifting Machine
Rock Channeler at Work
Old French Equipment, ca. 1880's
Last Dipperful

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