1905 Pennsylvania Railroad
NO. 1223 4-4-0
THE D16 Class of the P.R.R. represents the acme of American-type development on the System and the last of their kind. The class includes a number of variations from D16 through a,b,c,d, to D16sb, the 1223 exemplifying the ultimate in design. Before the advent of the Atlantics, these 4-4-0's pulled the new Pennsylvania Special in 1902 on a twenty-hour schedule between New York and Chicago making an excellent on-time record. The 1223 is being preserved, although some of the more modern fittings have altered its original appearance slightly.

Builder-Juniata Shops
Cylinders-20½" X 26"
Weight, engine-141,000 lb.
Steam Pressure-175 lb.
Fuel- 13 tons, 5,600 gal.
Dia. Drivers-68"
Tractive Effort-23,902 lb.
R.R. Class-D16sb

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