1919 Pennsylvania Railroad
NO. 3700 2-8-8-0
ONE OF the most interesting articulated locomotives ever built was this single-expansion type, the most powerful steam engine the Pennsylvania has ever had. The drawbar pull was too great to handle trains not fully equipped with the latest MCB couplers, and this locomotive was used in pushing service on the Allegheny Mountain grades, where it performed very well. No others of its type were ever built, but valuable data was obtained during its ten years of service.

Builder-Juniata Shops
Cylinders-30½" x 32 "
Weight, total-814,000 lb.
Steam Pressure-205 lb.
Fuel-14 tons
Water-13,000 gal.
Dia. Drivers-62"
Tractive Effort-135,000 lb.
R.R. Class-HC1S

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