1909 Reading Company
NO. 303 4-4-2
THE 303 was one of three three-cylinder locomotives built at the Reading Shops. It was designed by the company's chief draftsman, Edward O. Elliott, and besides being notable for the extra cylinder arrangement, it was the first engine on the Reading to have Walschaerts valve gear. The 300 was very similar but the 344 rebuilt from a P5a in 1912 varied in a number of details. The three were used in high-speed passenger service on the New York-Philadelphia and the Camden-Atlantic City runs.
All were rebuilt as simple engines in 1916 and 1917.

Builder-Reading Shops
Cylinders-18½" X 24"
Weight, total-226,700 lb.
Steam Pressure-225 lb.
Dia. Drivers-80"
Tractive Effort-29,454 lb.
R.R. Class-Q1b

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