THIS engine the John B. Jervis looks very different from the ones you usually see when you visit the railroad yards. Those other engines look like horses, panting and snorting to go. But this one looks like a great elephant — steady and powerful. It can pull anything and go up any hill, but it can't move very fast.

This is a great water-tube-boiler freight engine, the newest thing in engine design. Instead of the water being heated in one big boiler, it is heated in tiny tubes, like the radiator in your apartment. The big blanket roll round its brow is full of little tubes. The water becomes much hotter in less time this way.

This engine can pull many freight cars up the steep grades of the Palisades. It is so tall that its whistle is down on the side, and its bell is in front next to its head-light. Otherwise it couldn't pass under the bridges and through the tunnels. It belongs to the Delaware and Hudson Railroad and is named in honor of one of the railroad's first locomotive-designers.

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