The wild chasm between Mounts Willey and Willard is spanned by this bridge. Through the gorge below flows a considerable stream, with all the wildness that characterizes mountain waters, into the Saco. At the farther end of the bridge the huge bulwark of Mt. Willard seems an impassable barrier, yet the shelf cut for the passage of trains appears diverging to the right. This shelf is not at the bottom of the valley by any means, but well up its granite side. It is just around the shoulder of Mt. Willard that we meet the preceding view (looking down the Crawford Notch from Elephant's Head), meet, for this view is looking up the valley toward Elephant's Head. Upon the bridge is a Maine Central locomotive, and just across is the picturesque home of the railroad men who patrol these mountain paths constantly, to prevent disaster. The house has received the title "John O'Groats."

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