The Base Station is six miles from the Fabyan House, up the Ammonoosuc Valley, and is reached after surmounting steep grades; nothing however, in comparison to those conquered by the cog railway with which the Fabyan trains connect. These mountain trains ascend to the summit in a climb of three miles, with an average grade of 1,300 feet to the mile, and a maximum grade of 1,980 feet to the mile; or one in three. The ascent is made in 1 1-2 hours. The locomotives are queer-looking pieces of machinery, ungainly but of enormous power, and perform their duty by pushing the cars from below, or by retarding their descent from the same relative position. The complicated brakes are supplemented by a central rail, fitted with cogs, and played into by cog-wheels on the locomotive, by which the train slowly ratchets itself up the steep slopes. No fatal accident has ever taken place on these trains during the twenty-six years the railroad hag been in operation.

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