On line of the Maine Central Railroad near the lower gateway to the Crawford Notch. There are two features of the rail ride through this Notch which are especially anticipated by travelers for the sense of awe which they inspire; they are the Frankenstein Trestle and the Willey Brook Bridge, each of which crosses its rugged mountain ravine at a dizzy altitude above the valley. The trestle crosses the great Frankenstein Gulf, beneath towering cliffs, spanning a crevasse of 500 feet from cliff to cliff at a height of 80 feet above the boulder-strewn chasm. After crossing, in the passage of the Notch, there is no more plain, nothing but a shelf cut by the indomitable will of man from the mountain side for the passage of the train, increasing in altitude until the summit of the divide is reached. Frankenstein Trestle was entirely replaced by a new steel bridge during 1895; it is, however, the same patterned fairy-like structure of old, the train seems moving through mid-air.


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