The Wide World Magazine
February, 1906

The striking photograph here shown depicts a remarkable train-wreck which happened on the Arizona and New Mexico Railroad. Carpenters had been engaged in repairing the bridge shown in the photograph. A train started to cross it, whereupon the structure collapsed like a house of cards, hurling engine and cars to the bottom of the canyon. The carpenters at work on the trestle were swept down in the crash, and when the list of killed and injured came to be compiled it was found that three men had been killed—including the engineer and fireman of the train—and twenty badly hurt. Our readers will notice the solitary car left hanging dizzily in mid-air, half on and half off the fallen bridge. This car was occupied by some "hoboes" (tramps) stealing a ride, and it is safe to say that they fully appreciated the narrowness of their escape.

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