A Study of Railway Transportation—For Primary and Intermediate Grades
Association of American Railroads—1942


Buying Tickets
The Conductor and Engineer Compare Watches
The Conductor Signals "All Aboard"
Preparing Dinner in the Dining Car Kitchen
Dinner is Served in the Dining Car
The Locomotive Engineer in the Cab
Sorting Mail in a Railway Post Office Car
How the Train Catches a Mail Bag
The Track Repairmen at Work
Dumping Coal from Cars into Ships
Railroads Carry "Anything, Anytime"
Loading a Box Car
The Brakeman Uncouples the Cars
The Caboose
The Car Inspector at Work
Grain Goes to Market
A Locomotive Taking on Water
Unloading an Express Shipment
Loading the Baggage Car
Loading Spinach into a Refrigerator Car
The Roundhouse and the Turntable
In the Locomotive Erecting Shop
A Train Entering a Tunnel

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