Two Views of The Ashokan Reservoir Today

Looking at the calm, glistening water surface today, which is 40 miles around, the same surface area of Manhattan Island below 110th street, it is hard to imagine the upheaval just 80 some years ago when there were thriving villages there. When the reservoir is full it looks like a natural crater lake nestled among High Point and other Mountains. All the work on the Catskill System, from 1907 to 1917, was completed a year ahead of schedule and $7,000 under estimated cost. This work included building 126 miles of aqueducts and a siphon under the Hudson River which passes from Storm King Mountain on the west bank to Break Neck Mountain on the east side of the Hudson. It was said to be an engineering feat second only at the time to the building of the Panama Canal.

NYC Watershed Retrospective