Cripple Creek

Story of the Cripple Creek Short Line
Story of the Cripple Creek District
Cripple Creek—from Abroad at Home-1914
Advertising Flyer-ca. 1910


St. Peter's Dome
Rounding Head of North Cheyenne Canyon
Crossing Bear Creek Canyon
On Rock Creek Loop
Looking Down on Cheyenne Mountain—Handcar
On the Road to Cripple Creek
St. Peter's Dome
Observation Point
Above the Clouds
Rocky Avenue
Point Sublime, Looking West
Ladder of Tunnels
Mountain Top to Mountain Top
On the Cripple Creek Trip
Climbing on the Cripple Creek Trip
Cathedral Rocks
Among the Clouds
Into the Heart of the Rockies
On the Cripple Creek Trip—Locomotive
Devil's Slide

Poverty Gulch
Midget Mine
Air Drilling in Cripple Creek Mine
Mary McKinney Mine
Independence Mine
Goldfield Loop
Abe Lincoln Mine
Bull Hill
Battle Mountain
Mining in the Cripple Creek District
1000 Feet Underground in a Cripple Creek Mine
National Hotel Clerks Convention—June, 1910
Anaconda—Cripple Creek District
Wild Horse Mine

Mining Scene
Altman, Highest Incorporated Town in the World
Portland Mine
Granite Mine
Gold King Mine, Where Gold Was First Discovered
Highest Electric Railway in America

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